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SRL COSNet is our core information product providing online access to two major databases, SRL TVScan (what people watch on TV) and SRL MediaScan (which ads they are exposed to).

COSNet makes possible the generation of GRP’s, TARP’s, Reach & Frequency Analyses, Marginal Reach Analysis and a host of other media-related information from the comfort of your home/office.

What COSNet offers

  • TV Ad-Schedule Evaluation

    This yields the expected Reach, Frequency and Marginal Reach of a proposed TV Schedule for a defined Target Group.

  • Reach & Frequency Analysis

    This yields the actual Reach, Frequency, GRP, Cost per Reach and Cost per Exposure achieved by all brands that belong to a particular Product Field during a specific month – again for a defined Target Group.

  • Ad Spend Summary Data

    This yields Ad Spend for each brand by Media for any specified time-periods. Could be used to calculate SOE. This has been extended to provide detailed analysis of Ad Spend and Numbers of Advertisements by Language for each Media Vehicle.

  • Top Rated TV Programmes for a defined Target Group

    This yields the most popular TV programmes watched by a specific Target Group classified by Programme Category, Channel, Time Segment and Time Period.

  • Top Products by Ad Spend

    This yields a ranking of all products by Press, TV and Radio ad spend for any defined period of time.

  • Ad List

    This yields a listing of all Press, TV and Radio advertisements for a specific brand for any defined period of time. A customer can check the position of his/her ad and which commercial brake it ran.

  • Reach & Frequency Analysis by Language

    This enables a client to evaluate the impact (i.e. the actual Reach and Frequency achieved) of a TV Campaign by Language.

  • Trends in Programme Ratings

    This enables a client to identify the changes in the Target Audience Ratings of a specific TV Programme over a defined period of time.

  • Source Analysis

    This enables a client to identify the various Target Sub-Groups, which contributed the most, and the least, towards the total GRP achieved by a specific Brand during a specified time-period.

  • Share of Target Audience

    This provides a client the estimated Shares of Target Audiences during a specified time-period, which could be as short as a 15-minute segment of a particular day or as long as one year.