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Online Inquiries

Inquiries from Students who may have questions with regard to specific aspects of the Practice of Marketing Research or who may be seeking specific secondary data pertaining to Product Markets, Advertising Expenditure or Media Habits to support their Course Projects or Dissertations are welcome.

“What are the differences between Quantitative & Qualitative Surveys?”
“What is the average size of the Audience for Sinhala News on Rupavahini?”
“How are the SEC Groups defined in Sri Lanka?”

Inquiries from Marketing Professionals who may wish to obtain some guidance or clarifications regarding the use of specific Marketing Research Techniques are also welcome.

“I need to have a TVC pre-tested. Should I use a Quantitative or a Qualitative Technique?”
“What is smallest sample of consumers I should select for a product test?”
“My Advertising Agency insists that 800 GRP’s per week are required to promote my new brand. Is this too high?”

Please use the form below to reach us. The more descriptive and specific you are, the more we would be able to assist you.

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